Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Upadate Upone Panda and Penguin

Matt Cutts from Google speaks on the yet to be released Panda & Penguin algorithm update and Link Network Updates

One of the most significant tech news of the day came from the headquarters of the world’s most popular search engine. Matt Cutts, the spam search head of Google spoke out to the media about certain issues like fighting spam searches on the search engine. Well, this time they have come up with two efficient algorithms, the Panda and Penguin algorithm to fight spam. The man from Google also spoke out on the new link networks that the company is targeting in 2013.

The Panda Updates

As far as experts are concerned, Google is doing its level best to launch the Panda update in a week or so from now. This launching will certainly propel them ahead of other search engines. The last Panda update was long back in the month of January and we haven’t witnessed an up-gradation for quite some time. So, the expected day for the new update is expected to be 22nd March, 2013.

Updates in Penguin Algorithm

This Penguin algorithm, after its release in April last year, has not undergone more than 2 updates. So, this time Matt Cutts has promised that the update of this year will be a significant one as far as technology is concerned. Moreover, it is expected that the 3rd update, i.e. version 4 will be widely discussed by technical people across the globe.

New Line Networks

This March, Google is ready to go for another new network line for increasing its spectrum of coverage and at the same time improving upon its existing dominance in the field of online searches.

Well, March, 2013 surely seems to be a time for incorporation of new algorithms and techniques as far as Google is concerned. In a bid to improve its services and gaining more revenue, Google is playing hard and fast to retain its top spot. From the business point of view, Google is projecting itself as the mono pole of the search engine business.

On the other hand, for the users, the incorporation of the much anticipated Panda and Penguin updates will send new ripples across the SEO market. Moreover, these spam fighting steps will allow users to have a better search experience. Threats of improper results can be nullified and users can have the freedom to trust Google.