Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Upadate Upone Panda and Penguin

Matt Cutts from Google speaks on the yet to be released Panda & Penguin algorithm update and Link Network Updates

One of the most significant tech news of the day came from the headquarters of the world’s most popular search engine. Matt Cutts, the spam search head of Google spoke out to the media about certain issues like fighting spam searches on the search engine. Well, this time they have come up with two efficient algorithms, the Panda and Penguin algorithm to fight spam. The man from Google also spoke out on the new link networks that the company is targeting in 2013.

The Panda Updates

As far as experts are concerned, Google is doing its level best to launch the Panda update in a week or so from now. This launching will certainly propel them ahead of other search engines. The last Panda update was long back in the month of January and we haven’t witnessed an up-gradation for quite some time. So, the expected day for the new update is expected to be 22nd March, 2013.

Updates in Penguin Algorithm

This Penguin algorithm, after its release in April last year, has not undergone more than 2 updates. So, this time Matt Cutts has promised that the update of this year will be a significant one as far as technology is concerned. Moreover, it is expected that the 3rd update, i.e. version 4 will be widely discussed by technical people across the globe.

New Line Networks

This March, Google is ready to go for another new network line for increasing its spectrum of coverage and at the same time improving upon its existing dominance in the field of online searches.

Well, March, 2013 surely seems to be a time for incorporation of new algorithms and techniques as far as Google is concerned. In a bid to improve its services and gaining more revenue, Google is playing hard and fast to retain its top spot. From the business point of view, Google is projecting itself as the mono pole of the search engine business.

On the other hand, for the users, the incorporation of the much anticipated Panda and Penguin updates will send new ripples across the SEO market. Moreover, these spam fighting steps will allow users to have a better search experience. Threats of improper results can be nullified and users can have the freedom to trust Google.

Friday, 15 March 2013

10 SEO Tips, Trick & Myths

Search Engine Optimization Is, For Want of a Better Phrase; A Mystical Beast. You Can Study It And You Can Learn It But If Google, Bing Or Yahoo Go Ahead And Change Their Algorithm, Everything Can Change In A Flash And Your Website Can Slip Down The Rankings In A Heartbeat.
I Don’t Claim To Be An SEO Expert And I Don’t Sell Search Engine Optimization As A Service, But I Do Have A Keen Interest In It And Have Done For Some Years Now. In This Article I’ll Share Some Tips And Tricks, Attempt To Debunk Some Common Myths And Misconceptions And Help You Consider Some New Ideas And Techniques.

Without Further Ado, Here Are 10 Tips and Tricks (As Well As Some Myths) That I've Learned along the Way about Search Engine Optimization.
At A Normal Pace And Build Over Time Rather Than Zooming Off Into The Distance, Burning Out And Slowing To A Stop. If You Begin Building Thousands Of Links Over A Short Period, Search Engines Will Get Suspicious. You Will Be Much Better Off Building Ten Or So, High Quality, Relevant Links In The Same Time frame.

1. Natural and Organic Is Better Than Robotic And Mechanical

Google Likes Things To Appear To Be Natural And Organic, Even If They Aren't  When It Comes To SEO, It’s Best Not to Automate Everything or Become a Keyword Churning, Content Recycling Factory. Take Things At A Normal Pace And Build Over Time Rather Than Zooming Off Into The Distance, Burning Out And Slowing To A Stop. If You Begin Building Thousands Of Links Over A Short Period, Search Engines Will Get Suspicious. You Will Be Much Better Off Building Ten Or So, High Quality, Relevant Links In The Same Time frame.

The Same Goes For Blog Posts, If You’re Recycling Content From Elsewhere On The Internet And Doing It Over And Over Again, You’re Less Likely To See The Results You Want. Your Time Will Be Much Better Invested Creating High Quality, Original Articles And Publishing Blog Entries Less Frequently (Yet Still Often Enough).

Keyword Stuffing, Content Cramming And Automating Human Processes Will Destroy Your Page Rankings. There’s No Substitute for the Human Touch. Treat Your Website Like A Marathon Without A Finish Line. Keep On Building, Keep Writing Content, Keep Updating It, Keep Your Website Nice And Fresh And Relevant And Google Will Become Your Friend.

2. Even “Nofollow” Links Work Wonders for Your Site

First Things First – What Is A Nofollow Link? A Nofollow Link Is A Hyperlink On A Web Page That Is Set By The Web Developer In A Way To Prevent Search Engines From Crawling It. People Do It To Keep Web Crawlers On Their Page And Maintain Control Over What Content Is And Isn’t Being Crawled And Indexed. If A Piece Of Spam Gets Through Your Filter, This Prevents Googlebot From Crawling Over It And Assuming Your Website Is Associated With Spam.

Dofollow Links (Links Googlebot Is Allowed To Crawl) Help Boost Up Page Ranking A Significant Amount As They Tend To Be Placed Within Content And Relevant. However, they’re Much Harder to Obtain as Bloggers and Other Influential Online Presences Only Link out to Reliable, Relevant and Safe Sources. When you’re Working On Your Link Building Strategy, Dofollow Links Are What You Need, However, Nofollow Links Are Not To Be Ignored!

Popular Blogs, Bulletin Boards And Forums Tend To Have All Of Their Links Set To Nofollow As Spam Leaks Through The Filter Quite Often With Them. However, This Should Not Stop You Posting On Them, If Nothing Else; It Can Encourage More Traffic To Your Site.

If You Only Have Dofollow Links Coming Into Your Website, Search Engines Get Suspicious And It Can Do As Much Harm As Good. Mix Up Your Back-link Strategy. What You Need To Remember Is That Google Prefers Things To Appear Organic And Natural. If You Only Have Dofollow Links To Your Site, You Could Be Penalized As That Looks Too Staged And Mechanical. Vary Things Up, It Will Serve You Well.

3. Mixing Up Your Inbound Link Keywords Is A Good Strategy

Yes, You Might Want to Rank Top in the World For “Design Agency” But By Only Having “Design Agency” Text Anchor Links, You Could Be Hurting Your Website’s Ranking. Mixing Up Your Inbound Link Keywords Will Help You Website Blaze through The Rankings To The Very Top.

Neil Patel Of Quick sprout Swears By The Philosophy “You Can Be Rich, But Not Filthy Rich” When It Comes To Inbound Anchor Text. In His Blog Post 5 SEO Mistakes That Even Experts Miss Talks About The Success Of Doctor 650 Building 13 Links Using Different Anchor Links. “Within 54 Days Of The Site Launching, It Started To Rank In The Top 4 For The Keyword 650 Credit Score” Showing You Can Rank For Any Term, But It’s Very Important To Rotate Your Text Links.

In Your Anchor Text, Try Adding Local Place Names Or Do A Little Outside Of The Box Thinking To See What Other Terms You Can Use To Link In. On The Canny Creative Home Page, I’m Actively Trying to Rank Top for the Keywords “Design Agency Newcastle”. However, I Have A Multitude Of Anchor Text Links Directed At My Home Page, Including; Design Agency Newcastle, Graphic Design Newcastle, Graphic Design Agency, Newcastle Design Agency, Design Portfolio And Brand Identity Design, Among Others.

If The Keywords You Use As Anchors Are Relevant To The Page You’re Linking To, They Don’t Need To Be Exactly The Same As Each Other. By Varying Your Anchor Text, You’re Keeping Things Natural and Organic and That’s what Google Likes To See.

4. Buying Links Is A Bad Strategy

There Are So Many Bad SEO Techniques But This One Has To Be Up There With The Worst Of Them. Buying Links of Any Kind Doesn't Just Cost a Pretty Packet, It’ll Cost Your Site It’s Ranking Too as Google Is Now Wise to People Purchasing Links.
Link Farms Are Being Shut Down Left, Right And Center And People That Are Associated With Link Farms, Much Like Spam, Are Finding Their Site Is Slipping Down The Rankings. This Technique Is Labeled As Black Hat SEO, A Term Used Within The Industry To Describe Techniques Which Are Sometimes Illegal, Immoral And Punished By Search Engines.

Rather Than Wasting Money And Time Buying Links, You’d Be Better Off Investing The Time In Generating Unique And Original Content And Getting It In Front Of The Right Pair Of Eyes.

5. Linking Out Helps Too! (It’s Not All about Inbound Traffic)

There Are Many Benefits To Links Going Out From Your Page (Provided There’s Not Too Many And You Don’t Turn Into A Link Farm). Here Is How It Works; If Your Site Is Linking Out To Other Reputable Sites Within The Context Of Your Content, Your Ranking Can Benefit From Being Associated With Other Reputable Names.
Linking To The Home Pages Of Sites Probably Isn't The Best Technique, But If You Quoted Someone As Reputable As Neil Patel Talking About Personal Branding And Marketing, Then If You Link To A Relevant Page Over On His Site From Within Your Content, There’s A Chance The Search Engines Will See That As A Positive.

Don’t Go Too Heavy Or Crazy On Outbound Links As You Still Need To Keep Your Readers Attention And Keep Them On Your Own Site, Rather Than Getting Sidetracked By Others.
If You’re Linking Out, Drop The Person A Link To Your Site, Tell Them Why You’re Linking Out To Them, Ask Them To Share It. You Could Also Ask Them If They’d See Any SEO Benefit From Specific Keywords Linking To Them. Get People on Your Side and Maybe In The Future They’ll Link Back to You. Its All Swings and Roundabouts.

6. The Google Ad words Keyword Tool Is Invaluable

Whilst Not The Be All And End Of Keyword Research And Checking How Many Specific Searches Your Keywords Get Every Month, The Google Keyword Tool Is A Very Solid Starting Point.
The Keyword Tool Allows You To Check Monthly Search Volume For Specific Phrases. One Of the Best Things about It Is There’s No Limit (That I’ve Come Across) To the Number of Keyword Ideas That You Can Check with It. You Can Also Check Monthly Searches By Location Giving You A Great Insight To Help Making Targeting Specific Areas And Countries With Your Campaigns Much Easier.

Another Of The Benefits Of The Tool Is That It Also Gives You A String Of Keyword Suggestions. So If You’re Burned Out Thinking About Unique And Different Keywords To Drive Traffic To Your Site Have A Look At Some Of The Suggestions And See If Any Of Them Will Work For You.
Google Offer A Great Variety Of Tools. If you’re Serious about Digging into Your Website’s Optimization, I’d Definitely Grab Yourself a Google Account and Make Use of the Keyword Tool As Well As webmaster Tools And Analytic.

7. Traffic Isn't Everything, Conversions Are

It’s No Good Having A Massive Footfall If Nothing At All Is Converting. Once Your Blog Has Started Driving Traffic To Your Site, You Need To Find A Way To Convert Your Visitors In To Paying Customers.

There Are A Number Of Different Ways To Convert Your Visitors Which Should Probably Be Saved For A Different Blog Post, But One Idea Is To Blog Only About Relevant Subjects And What You Want Customers To Buy From You, It’s No Good Blogging About Horses If You Want To Sell Design Services.

I Also Find That It Helps To Have Your Contact Details Easily Located At Both The Top And Bottom Of Every Single Page That Way Potential Clients Don’t Have To Look Hard At All For Your Details. Making Yourself Easily Contactable Will Help Bring Your Customers Directly To Your Doorstep.

8. Don’t Try To Over Optimize, Maintain Focus

Trying To Optimize Your Home Page For All Of The Search Terms You Want Traffic For Is An Impossible Task. At First, I Tried To Make The Canny Creative Home Page Rank For Design Agency Newcastle, Graphic Design Newcastle, Newcastle Design Agency, Web Design Newcastle And Branding Newcastle Amongst Others. This Was A Costly Mistake. My Links Were Spread Far Too Thin, The Content Of The Page Didn't Support The Keywords I Was Trying To Achieve Ranking For And Above All Else, Having Your Entire Traffic Click Through To Your Home Page Isn’t The Best Of Strategies.

I Refocused My Efforts And Concentrated On Getting The Canny Creative Index Page To Rank Solely For Design Agency Newcastle. I Still Used A Multitude Of Anchor Text Links And As A By-Product My Website Also Started Ranking Well For Newcastle Design Agency And Graphic Design Newcastle Too.
Maintaining Your Focus Is Difficult. You Can Keep Your Inbound Link Strategy Focused By Creating Separate Landing Pages For Each Search Term. This Also Helps Visitors and Potential Clients as They’ll Be More Specific, Better Quality Content Which Fits Their Exact Needs.

9. it’s Not All about the First Page

A Lot Of Businesses And Websites Try To Optimize Their Site To Appear On The First Page Of Google Which Is Completely Understandable. The First Several Positions On The First Page Of Google Bring In A High Amount Of Organic Search Traffic. However, Recent Studies Have shown that you’re better off Being Top of the Second Page than Bottom of the First.

With The Canny Creative Website I Noticed A Dramatic Drop In Web Traffic When The Site Broke Through From The Top Of The Second Page Onto The Bottom Of The First. My Visitor Count Dropped Off And Only Started Picking Back Up When My Page Was Making Its Way Above The Fold Into The Fifth To First Positions Of Google.

If You’re Trying To Rank For A Highly Competitive Keyword Such As Design, Design Agency Etc, And You Don’t Think You Have A Hope In Trying To Rank Above The Fold On Page One, You Should Aim For The Very Top Of The Second Page And Try And Maintain Your Rank There.

10. The Amount Of H1 Tags Really Doesn't Matter

The Basic Idea Behind The H1 Tag Is To Let Google Know What Your Who You Are, What You Do And What Your Website Is About. Something Along The Lines Of “Canny Creative Is A Graphic Design Agency Based In Newcastle upon Tyne Specializing In Designing Brand Identities And Websites.” It’s Simple and Sums up Perfectly What My Website is all About.

There Are Many an Argument and Forum Discussion to Be Found About the Usage Of
H1 Tags When Building A Website. A Lot Of People Say That Google Will Punish Your Site For Having More Than One, Others Say Use Only One H1 Tag And Then Multiple H2 To H6 Tags. Then Other People Say It Doesn't Matter How Many You Use, As Long As You Have At Least One.

I Started Out Believing That You Shouldn't Use More Than One H1 Tag. However, After Experimenting And Discussing With Other Web Designers And Developers About The Usage Of The Tag I Changed Camps. Nothing Changes If You Use Multiple H1 Tags. It Makes Styling CSS Easier, And, It Means You Don’t Have To Set Your Logo In An H1 Class And Then Use Text-Index:-999 PX  To Make Your Site Description Disappear And Appear To Be Replaced By A Logo.

I've tag And Then Multiple H2 To H6 Tags. Then Other People Say It Doesn't Matter How Many You Use, As Long As You Have At Least One.
I Started Out Believing That You Shouldn't Use More Than One H1 Tag. However, After Experimenting And Discussing With Other Web Designers And Developers About The Usage Of The Tag I Changed Camps. Nothing Changes If You Use Multiple H1 Tags. It Makes Styling CSS Easier, And, It Means You Don’t Have To Set Your Logo In An H1 Class And Then Use Text-Index:-999 PX  To Make Your Site Description Disappear And Appear To Be Replaced By A Logo.Used Multiple H1 Tags on My Last Few Client Projects and the Results Haven’t Varied At All. If You Need More Than One Tag, Then I Say “Go For It”. Like I Said In The Opening Sentence Of This Post, Search Engine Optimization Really Is A Mystical Entity. There Are So Many Different Views And Opinions To Be Had On The Subject That It’s Hard To Decipher What Will Work And What Won’t.

There Are Two Fantastic Resources That I Can’t Recommend To You Highly Enough. They Are; The Google SEO Starter Documentation (Can’t Beat the Words from the Horse’s Mouth) And SEOMoz’s Brilliant Beginner’s Guide to SEO. Reading These Is Where My Interest In Search Engine Optimization Began And I Can’t Think Of A Better Place To Get Grounding As A Beginner. Some Of The Advice In This Post Will Contradict The Linked Documentation, But You Learn To Make Your Own Mind Up And You Develop Strategies That Work With You.

Have You Found Any Strategies That Work For You Even Though They Fly In The Face Of “SEO Basics”? Or Have You Debunked Any Other SEO Related Myths?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

4 Essential Copywriting Techniques All Webmasters Should Know

  No matter what sort of web site you use, it's a purpose. perhaps you’re attempting to sell product, perhaps you’re making {an attempt attempting} to come up with leads for an offline business, or even you’re simply attempting to induce individuals to require action on a social issue that’s necessary to you.
Whatever the case could also be, as a webmaster, you’re actively attempting to incite others to action.  For this reason, it’s necessary that you just perceive the fundamentals of the observe referred to as “copywriting.”  Copywriting refers to the method of writing content that conjures up individuals to action, creating it a extremely relevant field of study for webmasters in any niche or business.

If you’ve ne'er worked on your copywriting skills before, the subsequent four techniques ought to provide you with a straightforward place to start out up your site’s copy:

1 – A way to construct a compelling headline

Nearly all sites utilize some sort of headline – whether or not it’s a fastidiously crafted sales page headline that’s designed to compel guests to stay around and obtain or the default  headline tag that’s generated by each new post you boost your web log.

But in too several cases, these headlines square measure created as Associate in Nursing afterthought, supported what’s best for most convenient for the webmaster to feature in. this can be an enormous mistake!  Your headline represents your 1st probability to attach together with your readers and stop them from clicking the “Back” button on their browsers.  As such, it’s necessary that you just construct your headlines in an exceedingly approach that’s as attractive to guests as potential by incorporating the principles of copywriting.

Perhaps the most effective thanks to learn the way to jot down smart headlines is to review abreast of the headline formulas that different webmasters have found to be effective.  

2 – a way to produce rapport with readers

Once you’ve convinced your web site readers to stay around through the employment of a compelling headline, your next task as a copywriting- savvy webmaster is begin building relationships with these visitors!
Essentially, once a visitant arrives on your web site, you would like him to feel as if he’s within the right place at the correct time – which he’s found his “home far from home” on the net. Making this sort of rapport together with your readers can ultimately build it a lot of easier to win over them to require no matter target actions you had in mind, resulting in higher profits and additional reborn customers.

One of the most effective ways in which to make rapport together with your readers comes from mistreatment language that’s acquainted to them.  Ideally, you would like to jot down within the approach that your audience speaks – mistreatment words, phrases, pacing and tone that produces them feel welcome on your web site. whereas this ideal language can vary supported the audience you’re targeting (for example, couldn’t use a similar language to talk with young mothers as you would to technical scientists), taking the time to know your audience’s most popular approach of human action and mirroring this on your web site can go a protracted approach towards building this necessary reader rapport.

3 – a way to use action words

As you start to jot down within the approach that your audience speaks, you’ll naturally begin to note a bit additional “flavor” getting into your website’s copy. you may break some descriptive linguistics rules or use slang terms that your high school teacher positively would have frowned at.

However, once making compelling web site copy, you wish to require things a step any by actively attempting to implement action words into your content. to envision why this can be thus necessary, take a glance at the subsequent 2 phrases:

“I am Associate in Nursing SEO authority.  If you're employed with ME, you may get additional web site traffic and additional sales.”

“I’m a widely known, highly-regarded SEO skilled who’s committed to up your website’s results. once you work with ME, I’ll send plenty of qualified traffic your approach – boosting your sales numbers and web site profit to levels you’ve ne'er seen before!”

Which of those 2 SEO consultants would you rather work with?

The power of the second example comes from the action words used. Rather than being an obvious recent “SEO authority,” the second example may be a “well-known, highly-regarded SEO skilled.”  And rather than obtaining simply “more web site traffic and additional sales,” the authority within the second example can bring you “tons of qualified traffic” and “website profits you’ve ne'er seen before.”

To prevent the sort of lifeless, drab phraseology that permeates the primary example, take a decent, arduous cross-check your entire site’s content.  If there square measure any sentences or phrases that miscarry for you, rewrite them to incorporate additional vivacious action words.

4 – A way to sell edges

Another key content characteristic of web site copy is that the approach you position your product, service or plan in terms of its options and edges.  A feature may be a product characteristic, whereas a profit reflects what that characteristic means that for the patron.  Let’s cross-check some examples to envision this distinction in action:

Product – 42” HD TV
Features – Screen dimension of 42”, HD screen resolution
Benefit – higher viewing expertise
Product – skilled SEO services
Features – additional web site guests, higher natural search rankings
Benefit – web site profits that permit webmasters to shop for the items they’ve continuously needed
Product – Volunteering with Associate in nursing environmental protection program
Feature – bound variety of trees planted, geographical region clean up or pounds of pollution reduced
Benefit – Healthier setting for future generations

When you’re writing web site copy, it’s necessary to incorporate a mention of your product, service or cause’s options; however your primary focus ought to get on the advantages. this can be as a result of individuals don’t take action supported options alone – it’s the advantages of your providing that overcomes the logical resistance several people need to committing our time and/or cash to new endeavors.

As Associate in Nursing example, a webmaster doesn’t {choose to prefer tarlike better to value additional highly to favor to opt to} work with Associate in Nursing SEO authority as a result of he desires more web site guests.  Well, he will wish those guests – however what he desires additional square measure the advantages that return in conjunction with additional readers.  He desires additional guests as a result of additional guests ends up in additional sales, and additional sales means he will pay off debt, place cash in savings or finally obtain that small red sports automotive that he’s been dreaming concerning for thus long.  It’s the thought of those edges that sell him – not the quantity of individuals on his pages.

Whenever potential – and particularly once it involves crafting any calls-to-action on your web site – change your website’s content in order that it focuses on edges, not options.  Be as graphic as you'll be able to be concerning the advantages of your offerings while not being heavy-handed.  By structuring your content during this approach – additionally to taking advantage of the opposite 3 techniques delineated on top of – you’ll encourage your website’s guests to require the action you want, creating your web site additional booming than ever before.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

About Search Engine Optimization!

Search Engine Optimization

Seo is a technique which increases the visibility of websites on the search engines. It makes the website crawlable and easily accessible by the search engine bots. It improves the site structure and other elements like the loading time of the site in order to increase the user friendliness as well as search engine friendliness of the website. Seo is both an art as well as science. It generates traffic to a website organically (i.e. without opting for ads and paying money to the search engines).
Seo is also a term used to define persons who practice this technique. There are known as Search engine optimizers. The field of Seo is directly related to the search engines. This covers how search engines deliver the search results, how a user finds information with the help of search engines, what does a user types in the query box, how does a search engine crawls the web, indexes and displays the result to the end user etc. The main function of a search engine optimizer is to make a website rank on the first page of Google for some keywords related to the industry (niche) of the website.

Short History of Seo (Seo Timeline)

   1989- Cern became the largest internet node in Europe.
   1990- Creation of Archie by Alan Emtage (The world’s first search engine)
   1994- Tim Berners Lee founded World Wide Web Consortium
   1995- Launch of Alta Vista
Launch of Yahoo
   1997- Ask Jeeves launched as a natural language search engine
   1998- Launch of Google
Launch of goto (later renamed overture)

Responsibilities of a Search Engine Optimizer

A search engine optimizer is responsible for understanding how the search engine works and delivers results. He/she should plan out a strategy to rank web pages on the major search engines by applying techniques which are suggested by the search engines (also known as white hat Seo techniques) .Major responsibilities of a Seo are as follows:-
1) To make changes on the title and description tag according to the web page content.
2To increase the crawlability of a website.
3To submit the website in major search engines of this world.
 4To plan out a strategy for better search engine visibility.
5To choose keywords using various tools.
6To increase linkability of the website.
7To remain updated about the ongoing changes in the search algorithms.
8To increase the popularity of the website by social media integration and link building.
9To provide users with the most relevant content w.r.t the targeted keywords (Every seo must think about this).
10Creating 301 redirects (if necessary).
11) Making changes in the robots.txt file (if necessary)
12) Competitor Analysis.
13) Making changes in the content keeping in mind the user as well as the search engine.

Major Search Engines

An expert search engine optimizer should be able to rank the websites in all the major search engines of the world. Currently users are divided between some of the major search engines as given below:-

Google- Undoubtedly, the world’s best search engine, Google was found in the year 1998 by two young Stanford University students named Larry Page and SergeyBrin. Soon after it was launched, Google started to have an increase in the number of people who used it for quality results and speed. People liked Google for its simple design yet amazing ability to deliver the most relevant results in just a fraction of seconds. Currently, Google holds more than 75% market share of the search engine industry.

Baidu- It is a Chinese language search engine website and probably ranks second because China ranks first in the internet usage around the world. It was created in the year 2000 by Robin Lee and Eric Xoo Baidu holds the market share of around 7% due to its stronghold among the Chinese community who trust Baidu the most.

Yahoo- One of the most visited websites in this world. Yahoo is the third most popular search engine in this world.It was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994. Very few of us know the full form of the acronym Yahoo. Yahoo stands for  "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle". Currently Yahoo holds a market share between 6-6.5%.

Bing- It ranks 4th in the world with around 4-4.5 % market share. Powered by Microsoft, Bing has enough potential in changing the metrics of search. It was launched in 2009 by Steve Balmer (The CEO of Microsoft).On July 29, 2009, a deal was struck between Yahoo and Bing where it was decided that Yahoo search results would be provided by Bing.In this way, Bing is slowly and gradually becoming the number 1 competitor for Google.

Please Note:- Search engine market share keeps on changing so visit the page below to get an updated information about the top search engines:-

Types of Seo Methods

Seo Methods are broadly divided into two categories as given below:-

On Page Optimization – All the changes made on the files and servers of the website come under on page optimization. Some common examples are changing the title tag of the website, changing the meta tags of the website, rewriting content, applying redirects, adding some commands in the robots.txt file etc. In simple words, changes that one does on the website itself come under on page optimization.

Major techniques of on page optimization are as follows:-

1-      Changes on the title tag 
2-      Changes on the Meta tags 
3-      Changes on the content(Adding quality and relevant content) 
4-      Removing any canonical issues 
5-      Checking robots.txt file 
6-      Maintaining a clear site hierarchy 
7-      Improving search engine accessibility. 
8-      Maintaining the number of OBL’s on a web page. 
9-      Adding sitemap.xml and sitemap.html                 
10- Removing broken links

Off Page Optimization- The work that you do to popularize a website on the World Wide Web comes under off page optimization. These may include directory submission, article submission, forum posting, blog commenting, link building, social media promotion etc. 
 Major techniques of off page optimization are as follows:-

Directory submission
Article creation and submission
Blog creation
Link building
Social media promotion
Video Sharing
Guest posting
Forum posting

Types of Seo Professional

White Hat Seo – Search Engine Optimization professionals who follow the guidelines issued by the search engines while promoting a website come under this label.
Black Hat Seo- Search Engine Optimization professionals who apply techniques to trick the algorithm of search engines while promoting a website come under this label. They often promise to rank a website within a few weeks and therefore may ruin the status of the website. The sites which apply Black Hat Seo techniques are in danger of being penalized by the search engines.
Grey Hat Seo- Persons who apply a mix of both white hat and black hat seo techniques come under this label.

What Can Seo Do?

 - It can increase traffic to your website with the help of search engines.
 - It can make your site more search engine friendly.
 - It can increase the accessibility of your site.
 - It can increase the brand value of your business.
 - Seo can popularize your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedn, Myspace, - Orkut etc.
 - It can help you to reach niche audience.
 - It can generate more sales and increase ROI(Return on Inverstment)

 Organizations ,Bodies and Conferences

SEMPO- World’s largest organization for search and digital marketing.
Pubcon- Conference and Gathering of Social media people.
Emetrics- Organizes search engine marketing and search engine optimization summits.